“Forever Alone” Involuntary Flash Mob Is Tonight

Welcome to the most depressing internet prank ever: Someone, probably from 4chan, put out a call to get “forever alone” male members of online dating sites to gather in Times Square in an involuntary flash mob. “Create fake online dating profile as mildly cute woman from NYC–just use some chick’s facebook to get several believable pics,” the instructions say. “Find forever alone guys from NYC online dating sites, get them to believe you’re interested. Once forever alone guy takes the bait, suggest you meet for a date at the payphones at 46th and broadway at 7:30 on Friday, May 13.”

There’s a live webcam at that location so spiteful voyeurs can watch a gaggle of single men show up to the same spot, look confused, get on their cell phones, look around, and eventually go home. Will any guys actually show up? Will they talk to each other? Will they figure it out? And if you’re sitting at home on a Friday night watching a webcam of Times Square, who’s really the loser here?

“The forever alones should go and hang out while the real forever alones sit at home watching their web cams,” one user commented. Forever together! “Forever Alone” Involuntary Flash Mob Is Tonight