Foursquare, Growing Fast, Needs New Superusers

Over the last year Foursquare’s data base has grown from one million venues to more than 15 million. At the same time, according to watchdog blog About Foursquare, the number of active superusers, who help to clean and organize this data, has actually declined.

Once upon a time very active users were promoted to superuser status, but this seemed to promote a lot of cheaters, and so Foursquare turned off this feature.

With less hands to handle more problems, superusers were getting burned out. So this week Foursquare announced a new initiative to upgrade normal users to power status. Until now only users handpicked by the staff were considered for these positions. Now anyone can apply for the gig and exisiting superusers can nominate others to join their ranks.

There is an admissions process that requires aspiring superusers to share their reason for wanting the position and even a quiz that tests them on the rules. Having passed these hurdles, superusers are given the opportunity to edit a venue to ensure they can keep up with proper foursquare style.

The new superusers will have expanded powers, including the ability close venues, edit URLs and set the radius from which users can check in.

Foursquare, Growing Fast, Needs New Superusers