Gov uses gas tax to defend opposition to millionaire’s tax

EVESHAM – Gov. Chris Christie, in his town hall remarks today, told the crowd that if he lets his “foot off the throat” of the Democratic Legislature regarding the millionaire’s tax surcharge, then the gas tax would be next.

The bill is already in the hopper, he said, A2718, which would raise the gas tax 8 cents per gallon per year for the next three years, then it would automatically increase by the rate of inflation every year

“So that the Legislature and the governor (would) never get to pass a gas tax ever again,” Christie said. “The Democrats love this tax.”

He said the gas tax would increase 228 percent over three years, the equivalent of another 24 cents per gallon.

“The only thing with the taxes where we’re down near the bottom (of the national averages) is the gas tax,” he said, which upsets the Dems. “They always want you to feel like you’re near the top.”

Not only that, Christie said, but small businesses, instead of paying 10.75 percent if they qualify for the millionaire’s tax, will leave for Delaware, home of tax-free shopping, or for Pennsylvania’s 3 percent business tax.

A spokesman for the Assembly Majority called Christie’s comments “inaccurate fear mongering” and said the assembly has no plans to consider a bill to raise the tax.

Gov uses gas tax to defend opposition to millionaire’s tax