Greenwald: Extra tax revenue should fund education in general

TRENTON – Assembly Budget Committee Chairman Lou Greenwald, (D-6), of Voorhees said he was not surprised with the state Supreme Court’s decision today to force the state to pay $500 million more to sufficiently fund at-risk school districts.

He added the court’s decision further “articulates” that Gov. Chris Christie “is not living up to his promise.” He said it’s time for the governor to lead on this issue, and not simply punt the funding issue to the Legislature.

“He talks a lot but does not get down into actually doing things,” he said during a break from the Assembly Budget Committee hearing on Tuesday. “This is about working in a bipartisan fashion. He still holds the responsibility (of certifying the revenue figures.)”

With last week’s news of unanticipated income tax revenue, Greenwald said the huge discrepancy between the state Treasurer’s figures ($511 million) and the Office of Legislative Services ($914 million) is something to be taken into consideration.

He said he hasn’t seen Senate President Steve Sweeney’s plan of  funding for school districts. However, he did say he would support allocating the extra income tax revenue toward education in general, and not just the former Abbott school districts.

  Greenwald: Extra tax revenue should fund education in general