Hacking at Disrupt? Here’s How to Get You a Designer

TechStars’ Hackstar Pheobe Espiritu and School of Visual Arts MFA candidate Michael Yap want to be sure the hacks that come out of the TechCruch Disrupt hackathon are as shiny and user-friendly as possible, so they’ve organized The Design Trust, a support team of experienced designers who will make themselves available to hacker teams participating in the event.

The Design Trust was formed to provide teams with access to some of New York’s brightest interaction and visual designers during the hackathon. Teams can partner with a designer at the beginning of their hack and can check in with them as frequently as the availability of the designer allows. Do you anticipate your hack needing an overly complex user-interface simplified? Would you like your hack to have a bit of visual design polish applied to it before presentation on stage? Visit the Design Trust’s booth at the beginning the hackathon to see how they can help you make the most of your hack.

Designers who want to join the Trust can still apply.

“I haven’t seen a hackathon yet that intentionally tries to marry design and tech, so I’m really looking forward to seeing what comes out of it,” hackathon organizer Tarikh Korula said in an email. Hacking at Disrupt? Here’s How to Get You a Designer