Ian Schrager’s Cuddly New Hotels

Ian Schrager has mellowed.

The maniacal Studio 54 founder (and ex-con!) who pioneered the boutique hotel thinks the whole scene is over. As he prepares to launch his new Public brand of hotels, one of a handful of new ventures, it will be anything but boutique, he explains to The Journal.

“It’s not about being a stylish hotel,” he said. “It’s really trying to get away from the iconic over-the-top blow-the-customer-away kind of design that people are sick of. It’s become a Frankenstein monster and being replicated by companies who don’t understand the purpose.”

Apparently drawing inspiration from Apple and–gulp–Trader Joe’s, Mr. Schrager said he is seeking to carve out a new “essential services” collection. Sounds like all substance and no style, with slick tech and mango strips in every room. “What I did before was based on exclusivity, and this is inclusive,” he told The Journal. “This is for everyone that wants it.”

How utterly un-Ian.

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