In Marriage Fight, A Story From GOP Stronghold

New Yorkers United for Marriage, a coalition of pro same-sex marriage organizations, will be sending out 200,000 copies of this mailer. It features a couple from Nassau County who would like to “invite you to our son’s wedding.”

“Sadly, he’s not allowed to get married,” they say.

The couple personifies a key constituency that marriage advocates need to win over. Nassau County is a Republican strong-hold and home to the Senate Republican leader Dean Skelos, whose conference voted uniformly against the measure in 2009.

Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo signaled he won’t introduce the bill without having enough votes to pass it. Democratic State Senator Tom Duane said, so far, it doesn’t appear that they are.

The flier ends with a quote from Cuomo, who says, “If we believe in justice for all, then let’s pass marriage equality this year once and for all.”

  In Marriage Fight, A Story From GOP Stronghold