In Middlesex, Christie invokes ex-power broker Lynch

MONROE – With six-term Mayor Richard Pucci sitting in camera view behind him, Gov. Chris Christie discredited long-timers and dual office holders.  

“I’ve been for term limits from the start,” Christie said in response to an audience member’s question. Also, “You shouldn’t be allowed to hold two elected offices. One public job ought to be enough.

“The governor’s term limited, I don’t understand why everyone else isn’t,” Christie said. “I get two terms – maybe.”

The crowd cracked up.

He bad mouthed the Legislature for digging in against his ethics reform proposals.


Because “All of the bills I sent to them would cover them,” said Christie, including pay to play.

The former U.S. Attorney who threw former state Sen. John Lynch in jail said the onetime Middlesex County political heavyweight was  “receiving payments from lobbyists’ firms and not disclosing them.”

“We could have saved the people of Middlesex County from the shenanigans of John Lynch,” the governor said to claps. In Middlesex, Christie invokes ex-power broker Lynch