Paris Review Web Editor to Take Iowa by Force

The Paris Review’s web-editor-about-town Thessaly La Force will leave the site for the Iowa Writers workshop.

The move was announced through a blog post from editor Lorin Stein who predicted that Ms. La Force “having shot like a dazzling meteor across our little sky” will blow minds at Iowa.

Ms. La Force, 27, learned in February that she’d earned a two-year Meta Rosenberg Fellowship for the program, but was still ambivalent about leaving the city. She’s been here since she was an undergrad at Columbia.

“It’s totally scary to leave,” she said via Gchat. “But then I was like, ‘Are you crazy? It’s Iowa!'”

Asked how she managed to redesign a website and still find time work on her fiction, Ms. La Force had a few tips.

“Tell people you’re sick when you’re not,” she said. “Or you just avoid people all weekend and write instead? I think it’s doable in short bursts.”

Ms. La Force’s replacement, New Yorker assistant editor Deirdre Foley-Mendelssohn starts in July. Paris Review Web Editor to Take Iowa by Force