Is Christie’s mild reaction proof positive he’s not running for Prez?

The usually combative, national media-darling governor’s acceptance of his constitutional role in the aftermath of the Supreme Court’s Abbott v. Burke decision today may signify he truly is not making a presidential run, according to a political expert.

“If he does not comply with the decision of the court, it’s an opportunity to grab some national media attention, which will play well with conservative support for president,” said Prof. Brigid Harrison of Montclair University.

Having repeatedly denied he’s running for president despite calls in his party for him to do so, Christie told reporters this morning once the court had decided in favor of restoring $500 million in funding to poor districts, “I realize that regardless of my personal beliefs, I must comply with the constitutional requirement.”

“Interesting,” said Harrison. “Nationally, there could have been potential for headline grabbing news for him not to comply” and the prospect of ginning up more Republican red meat support in the hinterlands.

For now, statewide, at the very least, the political scientist said, the governor in the aftermath of the decision “can go to his supporters on the senate judiciary committee and say ‘here’s why I need to have my own supreme court.’ Abbott hasn’t been a Republican favorite, and this decision may have bolstered his position on why he needs more conservatives.”

Is Christie’s mild reaction proof positive he’s not running for Prez?