Kirsten Dunst Wins Cannes Best Actress Prize

The Cannes Film Festival is over for another year, with Terrence Malick’s Tree of Life winning the top prize, the Palme d’Or. (The film opens on our shores May 27; full list of Festival winners is here.) But the big story for a certain demographic of filmgoers may be Kirsten Dunst’s Best Actress win for Melancholia, the film in whose service Ms. Dunst sat through a humiliating, Internet-famous press conference with “Nazi” director Lars von Trier. (After Bjork in 2000’s Dancer in the Dark and Charlotte Gainsbourg in 2009’s Antichrist, Ms. Dunst is the third actress directed by Mr. von Trier to win the Cannes prize; perhaps it’s the festival’s equivalent of hazard pay.)

The Observer wrote about Ms. Dunst’s reinvention as a hip New Yorker in August 2008, a reinvention before her current reinvention as serious artist. This winter, the consummate New York actress told us she was collecting mason plates. Hope there’s room on the shelf for the sizable Cannes trophy. :: @DPD_ Kirsten Dunst Wins Cannes Best Actress Prize