Lesniak: Court ruling makes millionaire’s tax imperative

Running for re-election in a Democratic Primary, veteran state Sen. Ray Lesniak (D-20) said today’s state Supreme Court ruling to additionally fund urban Abbott School districts requires a reup of the so-called millionaire’s tax.

“It obviously makes the millionaire’s tax imperative,” said the senator. “If you tax incomes of $250,000 and above that gets us close to a billion dollars in new revenue.”

The court today said New Jersey needs to find $500 million for Abbott.

“The only other option is to defy the court, which would tear apart the legal underpinnings of state or require cuts to the poor,” Lesniak said. 

The 3-2 vote in favor of funding, moreover, provided another reason to deny Gov. Chris Christie’s Supreme Court nominee, he said.

“It confirms my positon and Sen. Scutari’s position not to confirm Anne Patterson to replace Justice Wallace. It wouldn’t be a 3-2 vote if Anne Patterson were sitting there right now,” argued the senator. Lesniak: Court ruling makes millionaire’s tax imperative