Marriage by proxy bill clears committee

The Senate Judiciary committee released Thursday a bill S299 that would authorize marriage by proxy for persons whose military service in a war or conflict prevents them from appearing in person to obtain the marriage license and participate in the ceremony.

In other action, the committee held S1961: This bill would provide that the application form for persons applying to become notaries public must require the applicant to provide identifying information that includes, at minimum, the applicant’s name, address, county of residence, telephone number and e-mail address, if any.

The committee released S1531: This bill would authorize the courts to waive the license revocation process for a person whose child support arrearage equals or exceeds six months worth of payments provided that the person make a satisfactory showing that he is employed and is currently making child support payments. The idea is that suspending someone’s professional license or driver’s license will make it harder for the person to earn a wage and therefore, less likely to pay any child support at all. Allowing the person to keep a license ideally will result in more frequent child support payments. Marriage by proxy bill clears committee