McKeon: At-risk students in other districts remain in need

Assembly Deputy Speaker John F. McKeon, (D-27), Essex said today that he was disappointed that the state Supreme Court did not provide in its Abbott ruling for funding for at-risk students in other districts.

“While I am pleased that the Supreme Court ordered funding to a constitutional level for the at-risk students living in the 31 Abbott districts, I am disappointed that it was not restored to provide for the needs of at-risk students in other communities,” he said in a release.

“Through drastic cuts to school funding and local aid, the Christie Administration has placed the burden of balancing the state budget squarely on the backs of middle class families,” said McKeon, sponsor of the bill to bring back the millionaire’s tax.

“Today’s decision does nothing to provide relief to the taxpayers who are suffering most – those in ‘Abbott-rim’ districts with high populations of at-risk students.

“Although the new school funding formula had a long way to go to ensure that school funding truly follows the child, it was a step in the right direction.

“Today’s Supreme Court ruling undermines that progress and compounds the pain to middle class families already suffering from the Governor’s misguided budget priorities.” McKeon: At-risk students in other districts remain in need