Monmouth Poll: Obama approval at 60%

Reversing course after a downward trend, President Barack Obama’s job approval rating jumped 13 points with New Jerseyans, according to this morning’s Monmouth University?NJ Press Media Poll.

The President’s job approval rating stands at 60%, compared to 35% who disapprove among all state residents, and 60% to 36% among registered voters.  In September 2010, he was polling at 47% approve to 44% disapprove.  Currently, 87% of Democrats, 54% of independents and 26% of Republicans give positive ratings.

“There’s little question that the killing of Osama bin Laden earlier this month has had a positive impact on the president’s ratings.  And it’s no surprise that his bump in the polls would be higher in New Jersey than in most other states considering how 9/11 had such a direct impact on us,” said Patrick Murray, director of the Monmouth University Polling Institute. “However, the president gets mixed grades on the economy and that issue is likely to be more important to voters when the 2012 election rolls around.”

The poll found that New Jereyans like the way the president is handling terrorism but are split over his remedies to jump start the economy. Seventy-five percent of New Jerseyans approve of Obama’s efforts to combat terrorism,  against 20% who disapprove.  Approval comes from majorities of Democrats (86%), independents (73%), and Republicans (59%) alike. Forty-eight percent approve of his handling of the economy, compared to 49% disapprove.  Only Democrats (76%) approve, while independents (52%) and Republicans (86%) disapprove of his handling of this key issue.

Murray said, “Most New Jerseyans (57%) feel that the killing of Osama bin Laden has increased the short term threat of terrorism in the United States, but only one-third (35%) feel that those threats will persist in the long term.  At the same time, only 21% feel that Osama bin Laden’s death has actually decreased long term threats to the U.S.  A plurality of 42% feel that the demise of bin Laden’s has had no impact on future terrorist threats.

“Considering how many New Jerseyans were directly affected by the attacks of 9/11, it’s interesting to note that 14% of state residents say they personally feel more safe from terrorism since bin Laden’s death and a similar 19% say they feel less safe.  The vast majority (67%) say that bin Laden’s death has had no effect on how safe from terrorism they feel personally.  These New Jersey results are similar to a national CBS News/New York Times poll conducted earlier this month.”

The Monmouth University/NJ Press Media Poll was conducted by telephone with 807 New Jersey adults from May 12 to 16, 2011.  This sample has a margin of error of + 3.5 percent.  The poll was conducted by the Monmouth University Polling Institute and originally published by the New Jersey Press Media newspaper group (Asbury Park Press, Courier-Post, Courier News, Daily Journal, Daily Record, and Home News Tribune).

Monmouth Poll: Obama approval at 60%