Morning Read: ‘Bin Laden Bump,’ Bloomberg’s Taxi

Ground Zero: Bush won’t join Obama there on Thursday. [Mark Landler and Peter Baker]

Bin Laden: Killed after, not during, assault on his compound. [Ben Smith]

Bin Laden: White House corrects the record; he was unarmed and resisting. [Julian Barnes and Laura Meckler]

Bin Laden Bump:” Obama’s poll numbers “shot up 9 points just one day.” [Carl Campanile]

2012: Editors say killing bin Laden also killed chatter about Obama’s skills, loyalties. Now talk economy they encourage GOP. [New York Times]

Spitzer’s Emails: Schneiderman argues against releasing them. [Wall Street Journal]

Subpoenas: Schneiderman sends some to firms connected to questionable home foreclosures. [Ruth Simon]

Property Tax Cap: Editors question Cuomo’s sincerity on this issue. [New York Post]

Renovating Albany: Cuomo says construction project to be finished 2 years earl and $2.3 million under budget. [Brendan Scott and Fred Dicker]

Wal-Mart: Small business advocate says study proves Wal-Mart hurts small businesses. [Steven Barrison]

Education Regulation: “High-level” executive with “oversight” of outside contract withdrew statement to judge about not having personal connection with Future Technology Associates. [Juan Gonzalez]

NYC Taxi: Don’t judge it by its looks. [Michael Grynbaum]

NYC Taxi: Not impressed. [Erik Ortiz]

Morning Read: ‘Bin Laden Bump,’ Bloomberg’s Taxi