Morning Read: Bloomberg Lobbies Albany

from the Buffalo News

2012: GOP still eyeing Christie. [Richard Perez-Pena]

Same-Sex Marriage: “Marriage equality is going to happen eventually,” said Bloomberg. [Jacob Gershman]

Same-Sex Marriage: Bloomberg “put his political clout behind the push.” [Glenn Blain]

Same-Sex Marriage: City Council Speaker Quinn said, “It’s really hard to look the mayor of the city of New York in the eye and say the people he represents who are L.G.B.T. are less than the people he represents who are heterosexual.” [Thomas Kaplan]

Same-Sex Marriage: “By the end of yesterday, none of the missing votes had yet materialized.” [Laura Nahmias]

Same-Sex Marriage: Former State Senate Leader Joe Bruno “very helpful behind the scenes” supporting the cause. [Jimmy Vielkind]

Tax the Rich: Sheldon Silver introduced legislation to tax millionaires. [Thomas Kaplan]

Threats: A NYC minister pleads guilty to making a threatening phone call to Carl Paladino’s campaign office; lawyer disputes “What was actually said.” [Dan Herbeck]

NY26: Cartoon of Davis as Corwin’s spoiler. [Buffalo News]

NY26: “Pressed on whether she thought Pelosi did a “great job” passing the Obama health care legislation or other controversial bills, Hochul said she wasn’t talking about Pelosi’s work on particular bills.” [Jerry Zremski]

Pension Reform: “The governor has assured me that it will be all together,” Bloomberg said of reforming pay for city and state workers. [Brendan Scott]

Pension Reform: Editors say Cuomo is at a crossroads. [Daily News]

Teacher Evaluation: Queens teacher and UFT leader argues, “A vindictive supervisor could stock classes with kids, for whatever reason, whose test scores might be tough to improve. And a teacher nervous about his or her students’ standardized test results could get very busy with an eraser come June. Cheating might well become rampant.” [Arthur Goldstein]

Subways: Interviews with panhandlers. [Edgar Sandoval]

Ethics: Clients at Dean Skelos’ lawfirm hold about $2 billion worth of state contracts. [Fred Dicker]

Cuomo’s Clout: Cuomo shouldn’t compromise on ethics bill. [Michael Goodwin]

Blogs: CT politics driven by a local version of Drudge. “The governor’s office will call me and say, ‘Why did you put this headline up, that wasn’t the point of the actual story.” [Shelly Banjo]

Morning Read: Bloomberg Lobbies Albany