Morning Read: Boehner and Corwin


2012: Bloomberg likes Kelly. [Tori Ackerman and Erin Einhorn]

NY26: In touting Corwin, Boehner invokes Pelosi, a lot. [Robert McCarthy and Phil Faribanks]

NY26: More here. [WSJ]

Immigration: 38 legislators urge Cuomo to pull NY from federal program that sends fingerprints of people in jail to Department of Homeland Security. [Kirk Semple]

Ticket-Fixing: De Blasio wants answers about domestic-violence coverups and other infractions; NYPD spokesman Paul Browne says allegations have “never been verified.” [Jamie Schram and Bob Fredericks]

Living Wage: EDC report draws fire. [WSJ]

Taxi Enforcement: Driver speeds away from agent — with agent still in car. [Kevin Fasick]

Morning Read: Boehner and Corwin