Morning Read: Cops Acquitted, Terminated

”]Clinton in Pakistan: “It appeared tense with few of the smiles and warm handshakes that usually open such sit downs, especially when reporters are present.” [Matthew Rosenberg and Jay Solomon / WSJ]


NY26: Could help Democrats retake the House. [Brian Tumulty / Democrat and Chronicle]

Same-Sex Marriage: Republican McDonald uncommitted, targeted. [Jimmy Vielkind / Times Union]

Same-Sex Marriage: “[I]mpassioned plea” by Bloomberg. [Glenn Blain and Jonathan Lemire / Daily News]

Ticket Fixing: Name emerges of ticket fixer: Joe Anthony, trustee of Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association. [Kevin Deutsch and Joe Kemp / Daily News]

Ticket Fixing: More testimony from a cop. [NR Kleinfield / NY Times]

Cop Verdict: Acquittal a setback to DA Cy Vance; comes just before DSK case. [John Eligon / NY Times]

Cop Verdict: “[A] blow to Mr. Vance at an acutely sensitive time.” [Joseph Goldstein / NY Times]

Cop Verdict: “The fabric of trust that existed between women and the police has been shredded to bits.” [Andrea Peyser / NY Post]

Cop Verdict: “Immediate termination” says Ray Kelly. [NY Post]

Cop Verdict: Juror said “There were holes in his and her stories.” [Daily News]

Headline: What Proof Does a Woman Have to Have? [Jim Dwyer / NY Times]

Cop Trial: Accusers has $57 million civil suit; ‘very strong.’ [Dan Mangan / NY Post]

Cop Staff: 22 top officers reassigned. No comment from NYPD. [Rocco Parascandola and Joe Kemp / Daily News]

FDNY: Judge lifts age limit. [Jill Colvin / DNA]

Tax Cap: Iannuzzi tries watering it down. [Tom Precious / Buffalo News]

Tax Cap: Cuomo unafraid of Ianuzzi lawsuit. [Brendan Scott / NY Post]

Tax Cap: Editors say pass it now before verbal deal collapses. [NY Post]

Medicaid: Track expenses online, soon. [Rick Karlin / Times Union]

Staff: Cuomo to ax PA exec dir Chris Ward, say sources. [Josh Margolin and Jennifer Fermino / NY Post]

Taxis: Ruben Diaz helps Bloomberg create steer hails for livery cabs. [David Seifman / NY Post]

And Celeste Katz wonders if it’s time to launch Daily Politics on the radio. Morning Read: Cops Acquitted, Terminated