Morning Read: Cuomo Pushes Albany, Bloomberg Hovers

2012: “I detest the man…He screwed me. he has no morality” Molinari says of Newt Gingrich. [Judy Randall]

NY26: Rove spending $650,000; DCCC spending $250,000. [Jerry Zremski and Roberth McCarthy]

Polls: Bloomberg’s approval rating at 40-49; no bounce after ousting Cathie Black. [David Seifman]

Bin Laden: “What you do is capture him — that’s what you do with suspected criminals — and you bring him to somewhere where there could be a fair trial,” said Noam Chomsky, who speaks in Syracuse tonight. [Sean Kirst]

Cuomo’s Agenda: Tax cap, ethics reform and same-sex marriage. [Thomas Kaplan]

Cuomo’s Agenda: “This campaign lumps together polarizing issues involving personal finance and personal beliefs.” [Teri Weaver]

Cuomo’s Agenda: “This is a battle for control of government,” the governor said. [Glenn Blain and Ken Lovett]

Cuomo’s Agenda: “Not since the campaign last year—when Mr. Cuomo ridiculed Albany as the reincarnation of the notoriously corrupt Tammany Hall—has the governor lashed lawmakers and lobbyists with such biting words.” [Jacob Gershman]

Cuomo’s Agenda: Govenor tells legislators to pass a 2 percent property tax cap “or don’t come home.” [Jimmy Vielkind]

Cuomo’s Agenda: “[D]ismissed contentions by Senate Republicans, who say that they have already approved his property tax cap.” [Tom Precious]

Ticket-Fixing: Cop who administers Breathalyzer reportedly caught on tape asking to make a ticket go away. [Joseph Goldstein and William Rashbaum]

Education: “[W]e have raised teacher spending in 10 years 105 percent” said Bloomberg. [New York Post]

CUNY: Pressure for Wiesenfeld to resign; he resists.  [Lisa Foderaro and Winnie Hu]

Unions: Council 82 rejects Cuomo’s contract offer 3:1. [Jimmy Vielkind]

Immigration: Obama punts. [Juan Gonzalez]

Energy: “We won’t achieve energy security by restricting our own companies from drilling or singling them out for punitive taxes.” [Harold Ford Jr.]

Indictment: Former Buffalo Councilman accused of stealing $40,000; reporter live-chats at 1 p.m. [James Heaney]

Morning Read: Cuomo Pushes Albany, Bloomberg  Hovers