Morning Read: Cuomo Pushes His Agenda


Anti-terrorism Funding: “It’s 10 days after Osama bin Laden is killed and we’re all agreeing that the threat is higher, and they are cutting the grants 50 percent,” complains Rep. King of GOP colleagues. [Tom Brune]

Cuomo’s Clout: Sort of like Spitzer; may not gay same-sex marriage, says Liz Benjamin. [Josh Benson]

NY26: “Corwin argued that it is disingenuous for Hochul to say everything is on the table to reduce the federal deficit, then exclude Medicare.” [Brian Sharp]

NY26: Unsure if GOP Corwin will attend next week’s debate. [Phil Fairbanks]

NY26: “You want to be punched out” Tea Party Davis says to man with a video camera, before he is assaulted. [Jerry Zremski and Phil Fairbanks]

Messaging: “Apparently ‘dickhead’ can now be used in @newyorkpost news stories. I’ll def be adjusting quotes I give accordingly” says Stu Loeser. [Twitter]

Same-Sex Marriage: “While he says marriage equality is a priority, I haven’t heard from him,” says GOP Assemblyman Greg Ball. [Jacob Gershman]

Budget NYC: Bloomberg’s plan to charge non-profits for garbage pickup is opposes by City Council members. [Michael Saul]

School Staff: “[Cuomo] continued to insist he is not responsible for any job loses.” [Jimmy Vielkind]

School Elections: A do-over, in NYC. [Jill Colvin]

Trump: Problems with lending his name to developers, and a for-profit college. [Michael Barbaro]

Hydrofracking: Pushing for federal review, like Schneiderman asked for. [Mark Ruffalo]

Whisteblowers: Rep. Grimm’s legislation would steer informants to in-house supervisors, not SEC. [Judy Randall]

Community Board: One in Manhattan heard from actor Matt Dillon. [Page Six]

Chatter: Chelsea Clinton lunches with director Ron Howard. [Page Six]

Corruption: Former state senator who admitted to evading taxes and trying to influence a grand jury wants to avoid jail by serving as an ambassador overseas. [Journal News]

Ticket-Fixing: “It’s common practice in the Police Department,” says a cop during testimony in a murder trial. [Kevin Deutsch] Morning Read: Cuomo Pushes His Agenda