Morning Read: Diaz Hosts a Rally, Skelos Ducks a Question

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2012: Huckabee has nice words for Trump. [SA Miller]

NY26: Editors back GOP Corwin; Hochul is “carbon copy” of Pelosi. [New York Post]

Congress: Votes last week from Western NY congress members. [Buffalo News]

Same-Sex Marriage: “supporting marriage on economic grounds dehumanizes same-sex couples,” says writer in NYT op-ed. [Jaye Whitehead]

Same-Sex Marriage: GOP State Senator Ball wants protections for religious institutions. Sign he may vote yes? [Jacob Gershman]

Same-Sex Marriage: Ruben Diaz Sr. holds opposition rally; lesbian grand-daughter attends in protest. “I love her” he tells the crowd. [Michael Feeney]

Same-Sex Marriage: “Can you just imagine how I feel” grand-daughter wrote on Facebook. [Alison Bowen]

Same-Sex Marriage: Diaz Sr. says of gay granddaughter “If you think that in our family, there is hatred, and there is no love, you are wrong.” [Michael Grynbaum]

Same-Sex Marriage: Civil unions is not a fair compromise. [Theodore Olson and Eric Schneiderman]

Albany Ethics: “Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos, over a four-day period, repeatedly ducked and dodged after The Post asked the simple question of whether he’s representing legal clients who have business before state government.” [Fred Dicker]

Cuomo’s Tactics: Governor insults legislative body, but not individuals. Will tactic work? “Questionable” says Assembly Majority Leader Canestrari. [Jimmy Vielkind]

Cuomo’s Tactics: Assembly Speaker says governor has made enough “speeches.” Now talk with legislators. [Ken Lovett]

Cuomo’s Agenda: Editors say push for ethics reform; drop the property tax cap. [New York Times]

Cuomo’s Fashion: Governor’s “I work for the people” pin is not worn by any legislator. [Buffalo News]

Political Budgets: State Senate Democrats on pace to exceed $15.2 million budget. [Ken Lovett]

School Evaluations: Standards vary drastically from year to year, says city comptroller. [Sally Goldenberg]

School Audits: City comptroller has many underway. [Fernanda Santos]

School Funding: “residents who want to reject a school budget may be surprised to find out is the budget they end up with will not be that different from the one they voted down.” [Debra Groom]

Nassau Redistricting: A lot of shouting. [Peter Applebome]

Board of Elections: Top slot for NYC agency is vacant for six months. [Chris Bragg]

Guns: Why a former Democratic candidate for Council carries a gun. [Lincoln Anderson]

Media: Matt Drudge, still influential, and not just with conservatives. [David Carr]

Morning Read: Diaz Hosts a Rally, Skelos Ducks a Question