Morning Read: Hochul, Corwin and Davis

NY26: “Hochul’s campaign may become a prototype for many races next year.” [Jerry Zremski / Buffalo News] NY26: Corwin acknowledges

NY26: “Hochul’s campaign may become a prototype for many races next year.” [Jerry Zremski / Buffalo News]

NY26: Corwin acknowledges not addressing Medicare criticism early enough. [Robert McCarthy / Buffalo News]

NY26: Editors back Corwin; calls Tea Party candidate Davis “a fraud and a spoiler.” [NY Post]

Obama: Drinks Guinness in Ireland. [Philip Caufield and Helen Kennedy / Daily News]

Same-Sex Marriage: “I know the governor is a busy person, but I think my vote is pretty significant given the fact that I vote first,” said uncommitted GOP Alesi. [Joe Spector / Democrat and Chronicle]

Third Terms: Doesn’t seem like Bloomberg knows what to do with it. [Michael Powell / NY Times]

Warnings: “We can expect New York to lead the country in outmigration for the near future.” [Fred Seigel / NY Post]

Taxis: US Attorney in Manhattan reportedly probes why new city cabs aren’t wheelchair accessible. [Michael Grynbaum / NY Times]

Taxis: The story hits the wires. [AP]

Fire House Closures: “It concerns me greatly how the mayor treats public safety, especially fire safety, in a very cavalier manner,” said Avella. [Jonathan Lemire / Daily News]

Fire House Closures: Editors say cut funding to non-profits, keep fire houses. [NY Post]

Budgets: Alternatives to Bloomberg’s cuts. [Javier Hernandez / NY Times]

Ticket-Fixing: Bronx cop admits doing some. [Kirstan Conley / NY Post]

Ticket-Fixing: Details came as cop testified in court. [CJ Hughes / NY Times]

Transit: “Mayor Bloomberg in danger of being deadbeat dad when it comes to mass transit.” [Pete Donohue / Daily News]

Traffic: Bill requiring additional mirrors on trucks passed State Senate; could pass Assembly by Wednesday. [Glenn Blain / Wednesday]

Fees: LIPA charging locals $5 per pole to hang American flags for parade. [Mark Harringon / Newsday]

Fees: It’s the wood. [Newsday]

Fines: Editors want de Blasio to pay $303,750 fine for illegal posturing postering. [Daily News]

Pay Days: “Lawmakers who moonlight as attorneys” push a bill to boost lawyers fee’s on malpractice lawsuits. [Brendan Scott / NY Post]

Reform: What will jolt state lawmakers to action? [Bill Hammond / Daily News]

Redistricting: Editors say GOP plan in Nassau is “a radical act of disenfranchisement.” [NY Times]

CityTime: Long-delayed, over-priced computer system is operational. [Michael Saul / WSJ]

Alcohol: Push to sell wine in grocery stores. [Jimmy Vielkind / Times Union]

Crime: Man said he spent two nights in jail after police stop him for drinking Snapple. [Katie Nelson / Daily News]

Polls: No more smoking bans, say readers. [Crains]

Cartoons: Obama and his Middle East policy. [Michael Ramirez / Democrat and Chronicle]

Morning Read: Hochul, Corwin and Davis