Morning Read: Obama, Ground Zero and New Yorkers

2012: ‘Gangster politics.’ [Kimberly Strassel] Obama NYC: “When we say we will never forget, we mean what we say,” the

2012: ‘Gangster politics.’ [Kimberly Strassel]

Obama NYC: “When we say we will never forget, we mean what we say,” the president told firemen in Midtown. [Mike Amon]

Obama NYC: “brief but somber visit.” [Alison Bowen]

Obama NYC: “a solemn conclusion to one of New York’s most emotional weeks since 9/11.” [Erik Ortiz]

Obama NYC: “the visit also served as Obama’s much-deserved victory lap.” [Andrea Peyser]

Obama NYC: “Nobody at ground zero seemed to begrudge the president his decision to visit now,” [Mark Landler]

Obama NYC: ” His silence was the best way to honor the victims.” [NY Times]

Obama NYC: Justin Beiber didn’t respond to teen who lost dad on 9/11, but Obama did. [Jeremy Olshan]

Obama NYC: Ten-year-old son of lost firemen met Obama; “I said he could have done something a little less harsh” about bin Laden. [Carl Campanile]

Obama NYC: The crowds. [NY Daily News]

Obama NYC: The drinks. [NY Post]

Ground Zero Arrest: 30-year-old Brooklyn musician says he was just joking when he was yelling, “Secret Service! Coming Through.” [NY Daily News]

Future Attacks: Bin Laden plotted attack for 9/11 anniversary. [Chuck Bennett and Josh Margolin]

Bin Laden Photos: “refusal to release more evidence that Osama is dead is allowing a great story to dissolve into a mystery.” [Peggy Noonan]

NY26: Cantor visit boosts Corwin; refers to “two Democrats” in the race in effort to marginalize Tea Party candidate Jack Davis. [Robert McCarthy]

NY26: Paul Ryan’s budget riles the race. [Raymond Hernandez]

Budget NYC: 16,000-child care slots will not be axed in Bloomberg’s budget. [Sally Goldenberg]

Budget NYC: How many teacher layoffs? [David Chen and Javier Hernandez]

Budget NYC: Don’t raid city reserves. [NY Post]

Same-sex Marriage: Bill and Chelsea Clinton push for it; Ruben Diaz opposes. [Glenn Blain]

Same-Sex Marriage: Bill Clinton did an “about-face” on the issue. [Brendan Scott]

Jeffrey Wiesenfeld: “I want to say something…The question is offensive. Before you even finish.” [Jim Dwyer]

Unions: “Insourcing.” [Jimmy Vielkind]

Consolidation: State Senator Martins tries slowing it down; potential fight with Cuomo. [Rick Karlin]

Pushing Lobbyists: Jack O’Donnell shoved off bar stool at 74 State Street. [Tom Precious]

Paying Lobbyists: “The state’s budget crisis proved to be a lucrative opportunity for the lobbying industry.” [Jacob Gershman]

Stock Exchange: Schumer reportedly backs the Germans’ bid. [Devlin Barrett]

Morning Read: Obama, Ground Zero and New Yorkers