Morning Read: Skelos Challenges Cuomo, Schneiderman Probes Banks

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NY26: Rise of Jack Davis makes the three-way race more unpredictable. [Ray Hernandez]

Investigation: Schneiderman to meet executives from Bank of America, Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs. [Ruth Simon]

Investigation: Schneiderman is looking into how they packaged mortgages into securities. “The inquiry appears to be quite broad.” [Gretchen Morgenson]

Corruption: Schneiderman recommends no jail for ailing partner of Alan Hevesi, Ray Harding. [Ken Lovett]

Cuomo’s Tour: “It’s irrelevant,” says Sheldon Silver. [Tom Precious]

Ethics: “Several Republicans literally ran away from the question,” when asked if Dean Skelos should disclose the names of his law clients. [Fred Dicker]

Ethics: Dean Skelos released his unredacted ethics disclosure statement and calls on Cuomo to do the same. [Dean Skelos]

Same-Sex Marriage: Religious opponents say they are outspent. [Kevin Jones]

Same-Sex Marriage: Bloomberg to lobby State Senators. [Fox]

Same-Sex Marriage: “The time is now,” says supporter Anna Wintour. [HRC]

New Pension Tier: Cuomo hasn’t introduced a bill yet. [Jimmy Vielkind]

New Pension Tier: Would save $93 billion over 30 years, aides say. [Brendan Scot]

Digital NYC: Bloomberg aide outlines plans for More Twitter, more Facebook, more free wifi. [Michael Saul]

The Lede: “Mayor Bloomberg had folks questioning what planet he was on Monday when he declared “there aren’t very many panhandlers left” in city subways.” [Leo Standora]

Beggers: A January 31 study found 1,275 homeless people in the subways, an 18 percent rise from 2010. [Erik Ortiz]

Marijuana: Severe penalties for having a joint in view of the public; not so severe penalties for just having it in your pocket. [Bill Hammond]

After Office: Paterson gets nervous talking sports. [NCPR] Morning Read: Skelos Challenges Cuomo, Schneiderman Probes Banks