No Better Friend Than Israel

“Israel has no better friend than America, and America has no better friend than Israel,” the prime minister said. “We stand together to defend democracy. We stand together to advance peace. We stand together to fight terrorism.”

These are indisputable facts, but they bear repeating from time to time. Mr. Netanyahu reminded Americans that as they look out on an unstable and uncertain Middle East, there is, in fact, an “anchor of stability” in the region–Israel, America’s friend and ally. It’s hardly a secret that many in the region have nothing good to say about the United States, and some–a small but potentially deadly minority–wish to bring harm to America’s borders. The same people wish to wipe Israel off the face of the map. America’s enemies, the prime minister noted, are Israel’s enemies as well.

Mr. Netanyahu drove home the point by referring to the sudden death of a man responsible for the loss of innocent lives throughout the region and, indeed, the world. “Congratulations, America. Congratulations, Mr. President. You got bin Laden. Good riddance,” the prime minister said.

Mr. Netanyahu’s congratulatory remarks should have reaffirmed another simple truth. Osama bin Laden and his ilk are just as eager to bring death and destruction to Israel as they are to the United States. But there is one difference: Israel lives in a far more dangerous neighborhood.

The prime minister’s speech was a welcome reminder of all that Israel and the United States have in common. With any luck, the White House was paying attention.

  No Better Friend Than Israel