Nominee has colorful past

The Senate Judiciary Committee is set Thursday to hear the nomination of Attorney Karen DeSoto for a spot on the N.J. City University Board of Trustees.

DeSoto has a colorful past as the ex-fiancée of a reputed mobster. She was reportedly driven to bankruptcy defending herself from lawsuits filed by her former beau.

DeSoto and alleged Genovese crime family soldier Anthony Scaffidi were embroiled in a vicious legal dispute over $1.2 million in assets Scaffidi said he signed over to DeSoto during their 12-year relationship.

Scaffidi claimed that after putting DeSoto through law school, she used her newfound legal prowess to convince him to sign over properties, cars, an interest in a Bedminster restaurant and safe deposit boxes.

At the time, DeSoto called the suit the “ravings of a lunatic” and said she was embarrassed that she ever knew a man like Scaffidi.

DeSoto filed a counterclaim against Scaffidi alleging “intentional infliction of emotional distress.”  DeSoto filed for chapter 7 bankruptcy in 2005, the same day she lost her bid for Jersey City Council in a landslide. The bankruptcy brought the suit to a halt.

Later that year Scaffidi pleaded guilty to gambling and cocaine possession charges after he was arrested for running an illegal casino inside a social club in tiny Raritan Borough.

DeSoto is a former Corporation counsel in Jersey City and is reportedly married to a Jersey City police officer.

Nominee has colorful past