North Bergen mayhem: longshot campaign fighting Sacco on Election Day

NORTH BERGEN – The opponents of Mayor Nick Sacco held a mid-afternoon meeting to develop a better counter-punching strategy to what they say is mayoral strong-arming at the polling places.

“They kicked our challengers out of polling places becasue they say they’re not North Bergen residents,” said Adrian Cepero, who arrived with Michael Kreutzer at their JFK Boulevard HQ.

It’s difficult to find the HQ, by the way, which sits behind a van plastered over with Sacco signs, which someone parked here to block the Citizens for Change operation.

Cepero said that’s nothing.

“I was in a polling place today and there was a vehicle covered in Sacco propaganda parked within 100 feet of where people were voting,” said the commission candidate. “I complained to the judge who was monitoring the elections and he fought me, then admitted, ‘That’s my car.’

“That’s what we’re up against here,” the candidate said. “The judge of elections has his car parked in front of the polling place covered with Saco signs.”

Kreutzer arrived.

He was calm and relaxed amid an abbreviated fight-the-power-campaign that appears to take itself seriously in its effort to dethrone a North Hudson triple dipping icon.

But they face organizational challenges with just a handful of hours remaining before polls close. Several of their challengers were tossed out of polling places leaving them uncovered in key areas and they worked the phones to try to recruit people to fill those voids. North Bergen mayhem: longshot campaign fighting Sacco on Election Day