North Hudson Dispatches #3: Roque says Vega’s record – not organization – the issue tomorrow

WEST NEW YORK – The hours tick down to tomorrow and the nonpartisan race of the day here where challenger Felix Roque, MD, trusts that three and a half years of anti-establishment organizing will dethrone the Hudson County Democratic Organization (HCDO)-backed incumbent. 

Roque pulled into traffic in the little German economy car he’s driven ever since the opposition bludgeoned him for driving a Bentley.

“We’re going to win,” he said, driving up 60th Street and turning on Bergenline Avenue – the heart of the city’s downtown business district.

But ultimately, Roque said, tomorrow’s election won’t hinge on high tech organizing. It will come down to the outrage regular voters nurse for having been sucker-punched by incumbent Mayor Silversio “Sal” Vega with tax hikes and poor services, the doctor maintains.

He drove past the big, high-visibility campaign headquarters of his opponent. It was busy, but Roque insists it’s little more than the machinery of party power on display.

His people say Vega wants to get 2,500 votes, consisting of public employees and their families. The challenger’s political ops say based on their petition drives from 2009 they have upwards of 4,000 fed-up anti-Vega voters who don’t have town hall tentacles.

They think if they can hold onto those voters they will win tomorrow.

“It’s time,” said Roque as he stopped at a traffic light and received a grin and thumbs up sign from a pedestrian. He rounded another corner and absorbed another positive glance and wave from another passerby.

Back at Roque’s HQ, the music was driving overtime as a growing number of supporters gathered out front and brandished their Together We Can signs. North Hudson Dispatches #3: Roque says Vega’s record – not organization – the issue tomorrow