John Gruber Has Something Glenn Beck Wants.

No one expected Glenn Beck’s first venture in the post-Fox news era to be a Groupon style e-commerce site.

But the icing on the cake is that Beck named his new venture

Seems simple, easy to remember and relevant to the business at hand. Except that uber-famous Apple blogger John Gruber created a product named Markdown years ago. And he owns the twitter account @ markdown. And he hates Glenn Beck.

Markdown is a, “Plain text to HTML converter, relying on standardised but natural formatting syntax in the plain text.” It was created by Gruber and activist programmer Aaron Swartz, who was part of Y Combinator’s first summer class.

Gruber wasn’t shy about pointing at that Beck’s rants amount to a variety of “Nazi Tourettes”. He took personal offense when Beck called out his hometown of Philly.

As Anil Dash pointed out, “I’m sure Glenn Beck starting a new business with a name that @Gruber‘s owned in Google for a decade will end well.”

Type Markdown into Google and the first five results belong to Gruber. That’s going to be a tough hill for Beck’s new venture to climb.

And with a Twitter account by the same name, @Markdown could easily make life hell for Beck. “And I expect John will :)” tweeted Swartz.

John Gruber Has Something Glenn Beck Wants.