Overhaul court to overhaul school funding, Christie tells supporter

CHERRY HILL- A man asked Gov. Chris Christie today why the non-Abbot districts, the vast majority of school districts across the state, don’t have the same funding requirements as the 31 court-designated Abbott districts.

“Those special 31,” as Christie referred to them earlier, laying the school funding discrepancy squarely with the court. “Go to the Constitution and tell me how the hell did they get away with that? They believe that they are a superior branch of government.”


“What we need to do is to change the school funding formula, but to do that we need to change the Supreme Court,” Christie told the man. “They’ve assisted (in the lopsided funding scheme) now for 30 years.”


By next year, Christie will have had the opportunity to replace three of the seven state Supreme Court justices. “Hopefully they’re confirmed,” Christie said. “Hopefully we can do something to change that school funding formula.”


“What I’d like to see,” he said to a second questioner, “is to address the incredible disparity between (the 31 Abbott districts) and the other 550…it begs for some equalization.”


Christie dropped the caveat: “And also, it’s gotta be covered with significant education reform. We have to change both.”


Christie’s teacher tenure reform bill just hit the Legislature this month.
















  Overhaul court to overhaul school funding, Christie tells supporter