Paladino Struggles To Defend Corwin [Video]

Carl Paladino appeared on MSNBC’s The Ed Show last night as a surrogate for NY-26 Republican candidate Jane Corwin, but he couldn’t help but get tripped up by host Ed Schultz’s questions on Corwin’s positions on Medicare and the Ryan Budget.

Asked point-blank if Corwin favored the Ryan budget and ending Medicare as we know it, Paladino responded,  “She is in favor of the Ryan plan, but maybe not as a full package. Maybe it needs some modifications.”

Paladino seemed unsure on exactly how Corwin would have voted on the measure, but did say, “From her mouth Jane Corwin says that she  is not looking to take any benefits from the elderly.  She is not looking in any way to take benefits from the elderly.”

Pressed by Schultz if the bill would force senior to pay more out of pocket, Paladino responded: “Who knows what the final bill may look like.”

Take a look:

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