Peter King Says Bin Laden Photos Aren’t So Bad [Video]


Congressman Peter King traveled to the C.I.A. headquarters this morning to view the photos of Osama bin Laden.

“Clearly he was shot over the left eye,” King told Fox 5. “So that area of his head is done. And also part of his skull. Other than there are no distortions to the face.”

When President Obama was debating whether to release the photos, King said he’d favor making them public, but deferred to the president’s judgment when the administration decided not to.

“Certainly if it were in black and white it wouldn’t be that bad,” he said after seeing them, but stopped short of calling for their release. “Again, how would this play in the Muslim world? How would this play in the Middle East? I don’t know.”

King said he saw 5 or 6 photos, maybe as many as 7–including shots of Bin Laden’s body in a shroud, and of it being washed, in accordance with Islamic death rites.

Video after the jump. Peter King Says Bin Laden Photos Aren’t So Bad [Video]