Poll: Cuomo Is Popular, So Is Property Tax Cap

A majority of New York State voters say they support capping property taxes at 2 percent and are less likely to vote for a legislator who opposes it, according to a new Siena poll out this morning.

The same goes for requiring full disclosure of legislators’ outside income.

But voters are less strident in their support for two other initiatives being pushed by Governor Cuomo: requiring an independent panel draw legislative lines, and legalizing same-sex marriage.

Cuomo–who has a 71-20 favorability rating in the poll, higher than anyone else in the state–has said he wants a property tax cap and ethics reform passed by the end of the legislative session on June 20, which he called “D-Day” for state government. (The governor has been pushing for same-sex marriage before the end of the session, but has said he does not favor bringing the bill for a vote, unless he believes the votes are there to pass it.)

Here are the numbers:

71-22: capping property taxes

80-14: full disclosure of legislators outside income

53-30: independent redistricting

54-42: legalizing same-sex marriage

Less likely or no effect on decision to re-elect your local legislator if they oppose these initiatives:

64-34: tax cap supporters

69-28: full disclosure supporters

41-56: redistricting supporters

49-49: same-sex marriage supporters


Interestingly, 60% of same-sex marriage opponents say they are less likely to vote for a legislator who votes to legalize it.

Only 38% of same-sex marriage opponents say an opposing view from their legislator will have no effect on whether they will vote to re-elect them.


Favorable / Unfavorable ratings

71-20: Andrew Cuomo

62-36: Barack Obama

51-20: Kirsten Gillibrand

21-25: Tom DiNapoli

17-18: Eric Schneiderman

62-30: Chuck Schumer

32-54: New York State Assembly

33-56: New York State Senate


Job Approval Rating for Cuomo

52: Excellent/Good

45: Fair/Poor


Grades for Cuomo

A: 9

B: 35

C: 37

D: 8

F: 6


Poll: Cuomo Is Popular, So Is Property Tax Cap