Poll: NYers Back Bike Lanes

A new Q-poll out this morning shows that 56 percent of New Yorkers back the city’s bike lane expansion, while only 39 percent say that the new lanes are bad because they leave less room for cars and traffic.

Support for the bike lanes is highest in (unsurprisingly) in Manhattan, and lowest on Staten Island, where a majority are opposed to them.

That said, the poll doesn’t have all good news for cycling enthusiasts: only 26 percent say that the bike lanes are widely used.

“We sort of like bike lanes but few of us see any sign that they’re heavily used,”  said Mickey Carrol, director of Quinnipiac polling.

The survey also had good news for Ray Kelly, with 71 percent of New Yorkers approving of the job he is doing.

Maybe we should take that 2012 chatter a little more seriously after all? Poll: NYers Back Bike Lanes