Prairie Homeboy Keillor Defends NPR

The Authors Guild was honoring NPR’s Fresh Air interviewess Terry Gross with a prize–just after Ms. Gross’s network had come under attack by a Republican House of Representatives, which threatened to cut NPR’s funding.

Garrison Keillor, Ms. Gross’s fellow NPR contributor, wasn’t overly concerned about the war over NPR. “It was a skirmish. There’ll be a lot more of them after. People on the right perceive public broadcasting as being an animal. We just have to live with them–they’re riding high right now.” Ominously, the previously avuncular Prairie Home Companion host added, “Something else will happen.”

What about NPR was so offensive? Mr. Keillor, who alienated much of the Authors Guild at last year’s dinner by joking onstage about the end of publishing, couldn’t say. “Unoffensive broadcasting would be a pale shade of fish. We just keep going.” As for his own Prairie Home Companion, “we’re not political–we’re just a silly show.” :: @DPD_ Prairie Homeboy Keillor Defends NPR