Ranking New York Politicos on Twitter

A reader passed on a link to this highly addictive and unscientific web site which quantifies the clout people have on Twitter.

It’s a 100-point scale, with higher being better, and the site claims to crunch over 35 variables to generate a number that “is highly correlated to clicks, comments and retweets.”

So, here are the rankings for some New York figures. In short, Bloomberg (71) does pretty well, but Anthony Weiner (76) looms large over us all.

If you find rankings for other politicos, stick them in the comments section.

36: John Liu

41: Scott Sringer

42: Stu Loeser

43: NYC Council

47: Bill de Blasio

54: Howard Wolfson

56: Andrew Cuomo

62: Azi Paybarah

71: Mayor Bloomberg

73: Ben Smith

75: Jack, creator, co-founder of Twitter

76: Anthony Weiner

  Ranking New York Politicos on Twitter