Responses to Cop Verdict

Although NYPD officers Kenneth Moreno and Franklin Mata were convicted of three counts of official misconduct, their acquittal on more serious rape charges is drawing  a lot of anger.

The City Council sent out a number of statements harshly criticizing the verdict.

City Council Speaker Quinn: “shocked and disappointed.”

Councilwoman Lappin: “saddened and dismayed.”

Councilwoman Mendez: “disappointing.”

Councilwoman Ferreras: “appalled…disheartened.”

Councilwoman Brewer: “destroys the trust between women and the police department.”

Councilwoman Chin: “disappointed.”

Councilwoman Dickens: “They deserve the harshest punishment.”

Councilwoman James: “shocks the conscience.”

Councilwoman Koslowitz: “appalled.”

Councilwoman Mark-Viverito: “demonstrates yet again the difficulties faced by women who seek justice after suffering an attack.”

Councilwoman Palma: “a troubling message…shaken the public’s trust.”

Councilwoman Rose: “disturbing.”

Connect Exec Dir. Ganesh: “a blow to women everywhere.”

Responses to Cop Verdict