Roundup: Arrests in NYC, Violence in NY26 [Video]

photo credit: DCPI / NYPD



Terrorism: 2 men planning attacks in NYC arrested. [Daily News]

Terrorism: Busted in sting operation. [Al Baker and William Rashbaum]

Terrorism: Guns, grenades recovered; synagogue and Empire State Building targeted. [CBS/AP]

Iraq: Rep. Maloney says troops can be out of there by 2013. [Rebecca Henely]

2013: Unauthorized attack on Weiner not how de Blasio would have rolled out his campaign. [Josh Benson]

2013: No front-runner for Staten Island votes. [Tom Wrobleski]

Same-Sex Marriage: Opponents latch onto Cuomo’s words, wavering on vote date. [NOM staff]

Same-Sex Marriage: “[G]rowing impatience among a faction of same-sex marriage advocates.” [Liz Benjamin]

Ethics: GOP wants Cuomo to tighten rules on executive branch, not just legislature. Cuomo resists: “You haven’t had the issues on the executive that you’ve had on the legislative.” [Thomas Kaplan]

Patently Wrong:” How education advocate describes Cuomo’s school figures. [Jimmy Vielkind]

Schools: “I’ve never believed the charter movement was exclusively for socially and economically disadvantaged kids,” said Eva Moskowitz. [Kyle Spencer]

Pics: Bloomberg and Michael Douglas. [Kristen Artz]

Pics: Bloomberg and the paparazzi. [Kristen Artz]

Humor: A Tumblr account photoshopping famous images, for conservative Orthodox readers. []

NY26: Footage shows man assaulted by Davis aides as Davis looks on, laughs. [Nick Reisman]

NY26: Davis campaign manager dismisses incident. [Mike Whittemore]

NY26: “Kathy Hochul wants bigger government – I believe we need less government,” says GOP Corwin. [Facebook]

NY26: DCCC ad hits Corwin and Davis for not protecting social security. [DCCC]

NY26: “Cuomo stopped short of fully and formally endorsing Hochul,” but did say “I obviously support Kathy 100 percent.” [Nick Reisman]

Video from NY26 after the jump.

Roundup: Arrests in NYC, Violence in NY26 [Video]