Roundup: Bloomberg Cuts, Reporters Fight


A history of funding for the NYC Department of Education, as presented by Mayor Bloomberg today, in City Hall.

2012: Lessons from GOP debate. [Anna Sale]

Budget Fight: “Two weeks ago the mayor and the governor had a long dinner on the Upper West Side. Perhaps today’s quieter tone at City Hall is the next step in trying to get Cuomo to pick up part of a much bigger check.” [Chris Smith]

State Budget: Lowered by $800 million. [Glenn Blain]

NYC Budget: AP headline says “NYC mayor’s budget would cut 1 out of 12 teachers.” [Samantha Gross]

NYC Budget: More than 6,000 teacher positions slated to be lost; time timeline. [Henry Goldman]

NYC Budget: “city officials said Friday that calling off the layoffs would take $300 million.” [AP]

NYC Budget: Liu moans about lack of oversight; de Blasio threatens to organize parents. [Celeste Katz]

Reporters Fight: Blogger Raphael Martinez-Alequin called tv journalist Dave Evans a “f–ing f—-t.” Walcott breaks it up. [Jonathan Lemire]

NY26: WFP seizes GOP poll showing Dem statistically tied. [Liz Benjamin]

Albany: “Cuomo will be with Silver on rent control. And the Senate is dangerously close to becoming the public bad guy on ethics,” says Jimmy Vielkind. [Josh Benson]

School Elections: Scott Stringer wants them to call it all off. [Beth Fertig]

Presidential Debates: CNN offers unrestricted access. [Keach Hagey]

Same-Sex Marriage: De Loach looks over Chelsea Clinton’s shoulder. [Liz Benjamin]

Same-Sex Marriage: Religious opposition organizes. [Ailsa Chang]

Living Wage: EDC to “brief stakeholders next week on results of its $1 million study.” [Daniel Massey]

Honorary Honors: Pataki aide Jeff Wiesenfeld losing fight to block award for Tony Kushner. [Winnie Hu]

Honorary Honors: Wiesenfeld’s argument. [NY Times]

Birthdays: Jimmy Vielkind

Roundup: Bloomberg Cuts, Reporters Fight