Roundup: Corwin, Hochul and Davis

NY26: Rubio for Corwin. [Celeste Katz]

NY26: Debate recap. [Robert Costa]

NY26: “while back in the Town of Greece for the funeral of my brother last week, I could not help but notice the charade that is occurring in the special election,” says a Corwin supporter. [Alysa Stryker]

NY26: Davis, quotable. [Dave McKinley]

NY26: Davis runs “most depressing ad ever?” [David Catanese]

NY26: “I visited both offices 10 minutes apart, around lunch time. Hochul’s call center was smaller, but totally full of youngish volunteers. Corwin’s call center was sprawling, but less full. Read into that: Not too much.” [David Weigel]

Trump: His school is under investigation by Schneiderman. [Michael Barbaro]

Tax Cap: GOP State Senator Flanagan shifts. [Liz Benjamin]

Headlines: ” Ghostbusters’ firehouse scheduled for Closure” [Fox]

Same-Sex Marriage: Strongest opponent is NYC Conservative Party Chairman Mike Long. “That fear of God he can put into people as a party leader is important” says Marty Golden. [Nick Confessore]

School Staffing: Amid layoff talks, city hiring teachers. [Rachel Monahan]

Students First: A video from the tour opposing Cuomo’s cuts. [Cara Matthews]

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Roundup: Corwin, Hochul and Davis