Roundup: Cuomo Visits Lake Placid, King Eyes The White House

Same-Sex Marriage: “I am doing everything I can,” to pass it, says Cuomo, after speech in Lake Placid. [Ken Lovett]

Same-Sex Marriage: “Bloomberg reportedly stormed out of a meeting with senate Republicans this afternoon looking very unhappy.” [David King]

Same-Sex Marriage: “What homosexuals want is comparable to insurance companies demanding that they too be recognized as churches.” [D.C. Innes]

Schumer’s Tactic: What the senator means when he says he feels “sorry” for someone. [Josh Benson]

Tax the Rich: Teachers union praises Silver’s effort. [NYSUT]

Tax Cap: Silver floats a sunset provision. [Jon Campbell]

Investigations: Editors praise Schneiderman’s look at “the mortgage mess.” [New York Times]

Closing Firehouses: Endangered fire houses still not specified. [Jonathan Lemire]

Rent Regulations: “Most of the people I knew who had rent controlled apartments were, in fact, extremely affluent.” [Megan McArdle]

Regulating Wall Street: “It’s different than just being a prosecutor,” says Ben Lawsky. [Capital Tonight]

Disclosure: 3% of Sprint / Nextel shareholders vote to disclose companies political donations. [John Liu]

Schools: Teachers launch “Students First: The Reality Tour.” [Nick Reisman]

NY26: Rep. “Jane Corwin is the only endorsed Tea Party candidate and the only candidate who will stand up to Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi,” says Rep. Allen West in a robocall. [Liz Benjamin]

2012: Rep. King isn’t saying no. [AP]

Media Critic: The Secret Service? [Adrian Chen]

Media Critic: MSNBC’s Ed Schultz yells at someone on the left. [Twitter]

Gaffes: Gingrich tries getting past his “right-wing social engineering” remark. David Gregory doesn’t take it personally. [Michael Calderone]

On the Record: “Gingrich is known for speaking impulsively” says Rep. Hayworth. Also says she likes NPR, despite voting to unfund it. [LoHud]

Pics: Blumenthal and a military veteran. [Flickr]

Pics: Bloomberg and Quinn. [Kirsten Artz] Roundup: Cuomo Visits Lake Placid, King Eyes The White House