Roundup: Cuomo’s Evaluation, Dolan’s Opposition

President Barack Obama returns to the Oval Office through the Rose Garden after surprising students from Altona Middle School in Longmont, Colo., during their White House tour, April 11, 2011. President Obama received a letter from the mother of an Altona student who worried that her son's trip to Washington, D.C., would be canceled if there was a government shutdown. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)


NY26: Hotline spends the weekend in Buffalo. [Jessica Taylor]

Corruption: Leibell gets 21 months. [Lohud]

Corruption: “Leibell is the latest in a long line of legislators and other state officials to be accused and convicted of crimes over the last decade.” [Dan Wiessner]

Same-Sex Marriage: Archibshop Dolan opposes. [Liz Benjamin]

Same-Sex Marriage: Cuomo’s reference of it in Buffalo “drew a loud standing ovation from the audience, excepting the orange-shirted guys from Laborers Local 210 and one woman seated right in front of me who stood and shouted, “No! No! Don’t do it!)” [George Kelly]

Teacher Evaluation: Cuomo’s proposes, among other things “more rigorous observation” of classes; Meryl Tisch supports. [Mike Gormley]

Teacher Evaluation: “The teacher evaluation system would replace the system used in layoffs based on seniority.” [Mike Gormley]

Teacher Evaluations: “The first bit of intrigue is that Cuomo seems to have coordinated the proposal with Mayor Michael Bloomberg, along with the leaders of the state’s four other large school districts. The second is that the governor goes nowhere near Bloomberg’s dream of ending ‘LIFO.’ ” [Chris Smith]

Teacher Evaluation: Bloomberg likes Cuomo’s plan. [Liz Benjamin]

Trump: Cancels a big interview with Red State; editor thinks he’s not running. [Erick Erickson]

Rent Rules: Cuomo hears from Stuy Town and Peter Cooper Village residents. [Jessica Dye]


Roundup: Cuomo’s Evaluation, Dolan’s Opposition