Roundup: Doomsday Jokes, Parsing Brooklyn Politics

President Barack Obama talks with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel as they walk from the Oval Office to the South Lawn Drive of the White House, following their meetings, May 20, 2011. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)

1967 Borders: Netanyahu “bluntly rejected compromises along the lines outlined by Mr. Obama.” [Steven Myers / NY Times]

1967 Borders: “The Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) has called on AIPAC to rescind its invitation to Obama.” [James Besser / Jewish Week]

2012: “What? You never heard of the gay Jewish Republican running for president?” [James Besser / Jewish Week]

Doomsday: Fool me once…[Steve Kornacki / Salon]

Doomsday: Bloomberg jokes. [CBS]

Obama Travels: Ireland next week. “The tiny hamlet has been spruced up and hundred of media representatives from all over the world have been there already.” [Susan Garraty / Irish Echo]

NY-Belfast Conference: MA Rep. Richard Neil to be honored; June 9 at Fordham. Quinn, Liu attending. [Irish Echo]

Same-Sex Marriage: “Golden…is basically trying to get his fair share of attention…” [Charles Winter /]

Same-Sex Marriage: Golden’s bill “is a loud rebuke to Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s efforts.” [Stephanie Samuel / Christian Post]

Same-Sex Marriage: Republicans opposition holding firm. [Jillian Rayfield / TPM]

Same-Sex Marriage: “As we speak, right now, we have 26 votes for this bill in the New York Senate, and it ain’t enough,” said Savino. [Steve Thrasher / Village Voice]

Ethics: Cuomo pushes for more disclosure of legislators’ outside income. [Ken Lovett / NY Daily News]

Gillibrand: Don’t worry about her numbers. [David Nir / Daily Kos]

Teacher Layoffs: “It’s not true that the layoffs are absolutely necessary or unavailable,” said John Liu. [Raulism / YouTube]

NY10: Rep. Towns loses district leader race; complains “Why couldn’t I come and and address them…I’m a former district leader!” [Thomas Tracy / Brooklyn Paper]

NY10: The looming race presents two clashing philosophies of black politics: the state lawmaker reaching for post-racial politics and the protest-oriented city councilman who espouses what he calls “radical progressivism.” [Alex Isenstadt]

Congress: “We heard nothing but tick tock as we awaited a jobs bill,” said Rep. Crowley. [John Toscano / Queens Gazette]

FBI Muslim Youth Conference: Weapons, battering ram, bullet-proof vest, bomb-sniffing dog displayed; some parents irked; kids enjoyed. [Tom Tracy / Courier Life]

Bike Lanes: Creating conflict in Brooklyn. [Joel Rose / NPR]

Environment: “Ironically, the reason for New York’s abundance of air, and water, pollutants is the same reason the city is so green: Density.” [Bryan Walsh / Time]

Fire Company Closings: De Blasio spokesman pokes hole in figures used by city. [Joe Anuta /]

Fire Company Closings: “[C]losure of this particular firehouse would put the entire Bayside community,” said State Senator Avella. [Rich Bockmann /]

Social Security Office: Weiner objects to closing an office in Queens. [Eric Yun / The Forum]

Demographics: “Asian and Hispanic populations rising while whites and blacks are fleeing the borough.” [Howard Koplowitz /]

Cyberbullying: Quinn says Facebook, Microsoft, New York Times, MTV, City Council and others uniting for a conference next month. [Celeste Katz/ NY Daily News]

Alcohol: Vacca and Cabrera want stiffer penalties for drinking near schools. [Vito Signorile / Bronx Times]

Electric Cars: Stringer and Silver celebrate new recharging station on Grand Street. []

Street Renaming: Van Bramer does one on June 4. [Queens Gazette]

Media: Google to abandon archiving newspapers [fixed]. [Ujala Sehgal / Fishbowl NY]

Media: WNYC hiring a nightly news anchor. [Nadine Cheung]

Pics: Blumenthal and a picture book. [Flickr]

And City Council Finance Chairman is running the half marathon tomorrow. Roundup: Doomsday Jokes, Parsing Brooklyn Politics