Roundup: Investigating Weiner’s Tweet, Protecting Roger Ailes

Assemblyman Rory Lancman, via Rory Lancman

Assemblyman Rory Lancman Tweets, “My Twitter’s been hacked! That’s not my receding hairline!!”

Weiner’s Tweet: Spokesman says they have a lawyer to deal with hacking. [Matthew Boyle / Daily Caller]

Weiner’s Tweet: Photo data doesn’t match other images uploaded by Weiner. [Phillip Bump / Mediaite]

Weiner’s Tweet: Law enforcement should verify the congressman’s hacking claim. [Daniel Halper / Weekly Standard]

Conspiracies: Affair between Weiner and lewd pic recipient “circumstantial and not particularly convincing – but neither is the ‘hack’ story.” [Max Reed / Gawker]

Conspiracies: “No word from Weiner denying it.” [Lee Stranahan / Big Journalism]

NY26 Fallout: Democrats eager to run next year. [Carl Huse / NY Times]

Protecting Ailes: “bombproof glass” at Fox. [Ryan Reilly / TPM]

Protecting Ailes: Full story. [Tim Dickinson / Rolling Stones]

Homeless: A first person account. [Steve Boone / Capital New York]

Weather: Hotter in the Bronx than Coney Island. [Roger Clark / Twitter]

Pics: Rep. Grimm at a parade in Brooklyn. [Bay Ridge Journal]

Pics: Cop does parade route on a Segway. [Bay Ridge Journal]

Roundup: Investigating Weiner’s Tweet, Protecting Roger Ailes