Roundup: No Photos, Ersatz Equipment

Bin Laden Photos: “We don’t need to spike the football,” Obama said. [New York Times]

Bin Laden Photos: Plenty of senators have seen unofficial ones. [Politico]

Bin Laden Photos: Peter King is skipping his chance to see them tomorrow. [Michael Amon]

2012: King wants Rudy to run. [National Review]

2012: What tomorrow night’s debate already says about Tim Pawlenty. [Dan Amira]

2012: Jon Huntsman was in New York meeting with donors. [Michael Shear]

Trump: Indy 500 recondsidering its invitation. [Indianapolis Star]

Cuomo: Taking first-year priorities to the people. [Capital Tonight]

Albany: Senate Democrats livestream a push for ethics reform. [Daily Politics]

Albany: But Senate Republicans wouldn’t let them use the good equipment. [Daily Politics]

Washington: Polls show wariness over G.O.P. plans for Medicare, Medicaid. [WSJ]

Washington: House passes No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act [House]

Baghdad: Better roads than NYC? [CBS]

DNC: Debbie Wasserman-Schulz is officially the new chair. [New York Times]


Roundup: No Photos, Ersatz Equipment