Roundup: Trump Exits

Mayor Bloomberg delivers commencement address at The George Washington University. May 15, 2011 (Photo Credit: Kristen Artz)

Teacher Evaluations: NYSUT considers legal option to block Cuomos’ plan. [AP]

Trump: Lynn Krogh still carrying the flag. [Celeste Katz]

Trump: “Confrontation works” is the key lesson. [Chris Cillizza]

Trump: Started at CPAC, ended with birth certificate release. [Julie Weiner]

Trump: Didn’t stand up well to heavy scrutiny. [Dan Collins]

Trump: “Now, we’ll never know if President Obama got A’s or D’s at Harvard!” [Tim Shockley]

Same-Sex Marriage: Independence Party chairman issues statement in support. [Joe Spector]

Cuomo’s Tour: Silver’s spokesman explains his boss’ use of the word “irrelevant.” [Glenn Blain]

Cuomo’s Allies: $4.8 million on lobbying. [Nick Reisman]

Spitzer Analogy: Cuomo’s lieutenant governor says it’s a stretch. [Mike Whittemore]

Bloomberg’s Budget: Council members ask which 20 firehouses will close. [NY1]

Media Criticism: More than 1,000 angry words about 140 characters from Barbaro. [David Sirota]

Media Criticism: Same guy tells me “Um, maybe you’re ignorant…” [David Sirota]

Media Criticism: One journo stops yelling at Sirota. [Adam Lisberg] Roundup: Trump Exits