Sacco admits to ‘uncomfortable election’

NORTH BERGEN – The car growled to a stop on JFK Boulevard.

Black sedan. Tinted windows. Government plates.

Mayor Nick Sacco emerged from the passenger side.

“I consider this to have been an uncomfortable election,” said the mayor/state senator.

His opponents, Citizens for Change, ran a hard campaign against the longtime Democratic incumbent, but Sacco – a heavy favorite to win re-election – would not acknowledge that it was a good campaign.

Quite the opposite.

“They made it personal,” he said. “We wanted to run on the issues, and we did. All they did was make it personal against me. This latest thing they did – using Bill Clinton’s voice on a robocall – besides being a case of fraud, sheer fraud – was just outrageous.”

After debuting last night, the Clinton robocall went out to voters again this evening.

“A very bad impersonation of the president,” said Sacco.

Asked about charges of intimidation and a van covered with Sacco signs parked in front of opposition headquarters, apparently by Sacco allies intent on blocking out their rivals, Sacco said Citizens for Change had posted their signs on public property despite being warned.

Insiders here generally acknowledge that the mayor will not have trouble getting re-elected tonight.

“The last time we had a contest we won, 8,700 to 2,700 – so we use that as a gauge,” Sacco told

Hudson County political watchers say Sacco’s agitation has more to do with warlord worry than anything, as he keeps an eye on neighboring North Hudson powerhouse state Sen./Mayor Brian P. Stack.

“Mayor Stack gave me his word he’s not behind this campaign against me and I take him at his word,” Sacco said.

Sacco admits to ‘uncomfortable election’