Sacco v. Stack

NORTH BERGEN – Observers here credit operative Thom Ammirato with dredging up some op research on incumbent Mayor Nick Sacco and crafting a message for a slate of long-shot challengers, but few doubt the ability of a guy named Kreutzer to focus the charge of the town’s so-called dispossessed Latinos, who make up 57% of the population.

It’s happened before, of course: victory by a non Hispanic in a mostly Hispanic town. Take Union City Mayor Brian P. Stack, who just next door presides over a 78% Latino burgh as a non-Latino; which brings us to the point at hand.

Sacco’s real competition tomorrow for bragging rights over North Hudson isn’t the Citizens for Change Team, but the young political lion living next door, fellow mayor and state Sen. Brian P. Stack.

When Stack won his own re-election last year he did so gratuitously, destroying opponent Frank Scrafile by a nearly 11-1 margin and earning 11,000 votes in the process.

Running a campaign that grabbed some media attention as they highlighted what they said was voter intimidation – a charge Sacco rejected – Citizens for Change believe they’ve dented up the incumbent not enough to win but maybe to at least drain his numbers shy of overwhelming.

The winner could finally prove to be Stack, in that case, who wants to maintain his reputation as the strongest force in North Hudson County but has always had difficulty laying claim to that title with the powerful Sacco close at hand. Sacco v. Stack