Soon, There Will Be No One Left Online Who Doesn’t Offer Deals

Let's not and say we did

It arrives with the inevitably of a late afternoon trip to the coffee machine. Another company has decided to begin offering daily discounts, via email if you’re interested.

The newest entrant is New York Magazine. “It’s incredibly difficult for busy people to know which email is worth opening and which deal is worth buying, particularly when the businesses featured are unfamiliar,” Serena Torrey, New York Media’s executive director of digital business development, told Paid Content. “New York Deals aims to solve this problem for users: by subscribing to the New York Deals newsletter, New Yorkers will be receiving a short, weekly list of the deals that are most worthy of their attention, and possibly a slice of their paycheck.

Brilliant! If only some smart tech savvy start-up had thought of this first. With a cool name like Kipit, or Wipit or…

Sorry, hang on one second, I’m getting a phone call. Hello? Oh hi AT&T, haven’t heard from you in a while. You’re offering deals now too! Terrific, I need an eyebrow wax.

Maybe it’s wrong to complain. With unemployment the way it is, any industry that is hiring hand over fist should be applauded.



Soon, There Will Be No One Left Online Who Doesn’t Offer Deals